Rusty Olde Crows - Junk & Craft Show 2014
Saturday October 4th 9am - 5pm - Central Park, Charles City IA

The Rustic Olde Crows, a short story


We really aren't that "olde"!

Rusty Olde Crows began in the summer of 2009 at The Rustic Corner with the desire to have a craft show, like a craft show is supposed to be, like the ones your mom dragged you to! Crafts - things made by creative people that take pride in what they do, no plastic bowls, no makeup, just cool stuff and some good food and most of all, great people!

With two successful events in 2009  and 2010, The Rustic Corner staff took a break to take in some other shows, make some special items and move their two retail store fronts into one grand two story, 10,000 sq ft location. Now that the dust has settled, the wanted to bring our great vendors back and add some additional junk and antiques to the mix. TRC joined forces with the Charles City Chamber of Commerce and selected a new location, Central Park in the heart of our growing small town - it's beautiful in the fall and shady if it's hot. Ample parking, an awesome setting and a great place to meet and enjoy your day!

We hope to bring you a quality event to "crow" about to all your friends and maybe inspire some creativity in all of you! 

For more info - contact us at The Rustic Corner - 413 N Main Street, Charles City, IA 50616 (owner) or Erin@The (manager)
or by phone at 641-228-2657 or 3030.

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